values: anti-comfort?

Nothing like being curled up in some cozy spot with the good Book, and a cup of hot coffee.  it’s a comfortable place.  I have to confess- I love comfort!

While talking with my friend, Judy, a couple weeks ago about what we’re seeing around the world.  we got onto the topic of values.  In our organization, we have three core values- faith, growth (pursuing maturity), and fruitfulness.  As we were talking, I realized that all three require that we step out of our comfort zone.

Faith is always about stepping out into an unknown place – outside the comfort zone.  Growth does not happen without getting outside your comfort zone.  And fruitfulness requires initiative.  You have to step out to see what God is already doing and harvest His fruit.

All three of those together means I serve in a place where discomfort (versus personal comfort) should be a norm.  But that is a difficult challenge.  Sometimes my desire for comfort overrides my willingness to step out in faith, to pursue personal growth, or to initiate toward others.  I’m trusting the Lord to make me more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

How about you? What values do you hold that compete with each other?

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7 Responses to values: anti-comfort?

  1. Kara says:

    I’m right there with you about wanting comfort. I think it is an integral part of American culture. For me, it’s part of the three-self-idol: comfort, pleasure and relaxation. It’s a challenge to learn what is truly restful, or gives joy and satisfaction, instead of just fulfilling my immediate desires.

    Another value conflict for me is engaging with people vs. escaping them. There are times when solitude and quiet are so important. But rather than using my time well in order to have those precious moments, I tend to just get overwhelmed and flee!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks, Kara. I agree on the culture side. I also think that I try to find the comfort on my own, instead of bringing my need for comfort to the Lord. Turning off the media and paying attention to what’s going on in me – then bringing that to the Lord has given me a taste of something different, something fresh.

  2. joysoup says:

    I think that the values of showing leadership and following Christ can sometimes compete with each other. This is something I am trying to work out in my life as I try to glorify God at work.

    (By the way, thanks for liking my post!)

  3. Thanks Andrea. I also am trusting God make me more uncomfortable with comfort or else I’ll end up been mediocre.

  4. But it’s so uncomfortable to step outside my comfort zone…. Duh. I know, that’s the point. I do love comfort– staying in bed in the morning is my biggest obstacle. I wake up with an achy body and want to stay in bed till it feels like getting up. It usually never does. I have to force my will to take over my body and get up. And then my mind argues with my will.

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