blessing today?

My friend and colleague, Bob, is so good at thinking of and serving people in his network.  He often will send ideas, articles, or books related to topics that we are pursuing.  I’m amazed at the ways he personalizes these things. Most often, a book will come with a personalized greeting from the author.

The simple fact that someone thought about you  means so much. Someone has said, “People are in need of encouragement and affirmation more than they are in need of bread.”  So today, go ahead– make someone’s day!  Do something spontaneous for your WHO, as author Bob Beaudine so aptly describes.

  • Write someone a thank you note.
  • Tell someone what you appreciate most about him or her in one minute or less.
  • Call a friend and go get some ice cream together– celebrate May!
  • Drop by a friend’s house with their favorite dessert, or any dessert, for that matter!
  • Find your favorite kids and bake some cookies together!
  • Send a greeting card or email, just because….
  • Scan an old photo and send with a “remember this?” note.
  • Take some flower to the office and hand them out one by one.
  • Retweet someone else’s content.  Or share #FF love.
  • Communicate the potential you see in that person that is yet to be realized.
  • Drop a chocolate by someone’s desk.
  • Like Bob, send a book or article related to your friend’s interests.

Beyond blessing those who bless us, what strangers in your path today will you choose to bless?  A kind word, or polite gesture can turn someone’s day around completely.  An act of generosity can help someone realize that somebody sees them.  Someone has noticed.  Someone has cared, even in a little way.

Oscarjosue – via wikimedia


Make a difference!

Be the light today.

Share the love.

You’ll be glad you did!



What would you add to the list?   What would make your day?




You can see Bob’s blog “Leading with Questions” here.


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3 Responses to blessing today?

  1. terry morgan says:

    Love them all! I also always appreciate a coffee date!

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