5 signs you’re not a morning person

By Toshihiro Oimatsu [CC-BY-2.0]

Just for fun!  With all tweets and posts about the advantage of becoming a “morning person,” here are some of the realities that non-morning people have to deal with….5 signs you may not be a morning person.

1.  you washed your hair but forgot the shampoo.  so my team asks, “New hairdo?”

2. you are wearing two different shoes.  so I say to my colleague (first meeting of the day), “did you know I had on two different shoes?”  “Yes,” says he, “but I didn’t want to mention it.”

3. you forgot to put the carafe back under the coffeemaker.  the aroma was almost intoxicating and I was anticipating a great cup of coffee, only to find an elegant waterfall of coffee, flowing from the coffeemaker to the counter to the floor.  Lots to clean up, nothing left to drink. big disappointment.

4. you walk straight into a glass door.  what can I say- I didn’t see it coming?  as my sister would say, “more fog-lifter, please!”  (code for coffee)

5. you poured the milk into the glass and the OJ on your cereal.  a reflexive action.  moral of the story: try to fill only one vessel at a time, avoiding confusion.

And yes, I have done all 5!  Thankful that God meets me right where I am.

O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee.

Any ones that you can add?

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2 Responses to 5 signs you’re not a morning person

  1. Steve Morgan says:

    I once woke up at 6 and rode my bike to work thinking it was morning, punched in at the GM plant only to realize it was the night shift when I did not recognize any of the people on the line. I had woken up from a deep nap and it was cloudy at 6 in the afternoon. I thought it was 6 am. #Fail

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