see, see, what do you see?

When we were kids on long car trips, we used to play a game where you’d spot something and name a color or a letter it began with. In that sing songy rhythm, someone would call out,  “See, see, what do you see?  I see something __.” And then the guessing would begin.  We’re not on a car trip, but I want to play.

See, see, what do you see?  I see something….

My friends tease me that I take a lot of pictures of sunsets.  It’s true.  I am captivated by the endless combinations of color, contrast, and form.  Every single one is unique, no two alike.  What do you see as you look at these captured moments?


The heavens declare the glory of God…


the skies proclaim the work of His hands…



Day after day, they pour forth speech…



night after night they reveal knowledge.



They have no speech…



they use no words



no sound is heard from them.



yet their voice goes out into all the earth



their words to the ends of the world.

What do you see?  I see something beautiful, magnificent, splendid.  I see the work of the Artist, the Creator, who only spoke and separated the heavens from the earth.  And when I see these, they make me want to know Him better.

What do you see?

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2 Responses to see, see, what do you see?

  1. terry morgan says:

    I see power, creativity, uniqueness, hope in daily renewal… Gorgeous.

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