500 words a day for January

Jeff Goins’ post yesterday was about writing 500 words a day for the  month of January.  I took it as a prompt to solve my dilemma of how to keep good content flowing on my blog.  So this month, I will attempt to write 500 words a day.  The rules are “do not edit as you go.” So here I am.  Bear with me in the  attempt.

I like change.  I like variety.  While I can appreciate what systems and processes and routines do in organizations,  I have a hard time finding a routine that works for me.  Each day as I get up, I do different things.  the only consistent thing for me is making coffee in the morning.  What I do after that always varies.

The process of personal change is challenging- such a tension between what you’d like to be and what you are.  Don’t you  just wish you could wake up in the  morning and be what you hope to be?  After posting my word of the year yesterday, I woke up today with a list in my head of things not yet done.  Piles of things around me- mail accumulated from holiday vacation, address changes that go with said pile, laundry, work projects that need attention, etc.  All of them competing for space in my head.

Getting this stuff sorted out is where I often get stuck. As much as I try to capture everything that needs doing, my brain often wanders even when I’m working on something else.  Is there something to do about that?  Even as I’m writing this, I’m thinking FOCUS.  Focus on the task at hand. Easier said than done.

The phone rang.  A friend of mine is interviewing for a job.  This is the reference call. Pause for 30 minute interruption.

The washer stopped.  Time to transfer the sheets to the dryer.  Do I do that now, or later?

My sister-in-law’s glasses are sitting here, waiting to be shipped out.  Yes, that can wait.

Another friend’s grandmother died last night.  Still another needs prayer for a friend with a heart transplant and related complications.

These are the things swirling through my head.   I put this as my #1 project for the day, so that I’d be sure to do it.  I’m glad I did because I surely wouldn’t  do it later in the day.

If I bring my word of the year into this mix, NOW, I know that God loves me in the midst of the swirl in my head.  He could not love me more than He does.  My getting things done does not affect that.  I can revel in that thought today – in the midst of the swirling thoughts in my head, He is the unchanging anchor of my soul.

Oh, no, I’m forty words short!

Hmm, well, I’m going to say that is  good enough for today.  I can keep going on this, or get to do my reward for completing this task.  That sounds like a plan.  See you tomorrow!

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6 Responses to 500 words a day for January

  1. karenburroughs2013 says:

    Thank you for encouraging me to do something similar!!
    Focusing with you! 🙂

  2. Cheryl says:

    I love reading your mind, AB! This practice gives me a little window & it is refreshing!
    T & I were just texting last night about the “one word” – wishing we could speak things into being. 500 words/day is getting it done for you!

  3. karintome says:

    I’m doing the 500 words a day challenge as well! (well, attempting the challenge….I missed days 2 and 3).

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