3 signs along the way

I love to drive.  Five days in the last two weeks gave me that satisfaction.  Seeing the hills and valleys of the Blue Ridge was so refreshing. I like seeing the landscape change and appreciating the differences place to place.  It gives you the time to be ready to arrive at your destination.

Every once in a while, some sign on the road would catch my eye and get me thinking on some spiritual truth behind it.  Here are three that I could not forget….

Independence Exit 14

Oh, were it that easy to recognize when I’m going my own way!  IN a sense, temptation is like the road sign, isn’t it?  You’re driving along and see the first sign – maybe 10 miles out.  Gives you time to think about it but your mind wanders.  Then there’s the next sign – the thought comes back, Then there’s the two mile warning, one mile, half mile, and there it is – the exit ramp to Independence.  All too familiar.

You’re in the right hands.  Holy Spirit Hospital

Who else knows the depth of my heart?  Who else intercedes for me when I can’t put words to what is going on?  Will I bring my hurting soul to the right place for healing & comfort?  or will I pursue those on my own terms?  Coming to God with our hurts, wounds and suffering is our first step.  Letting others in on what is happening in our souls is another place where healing takes place as we take in the grace others extend to us in those places.  This is the Body of Christ at work, the Holy Spirit Hospital (no connection to the actual hospital system).

5 miles ahead  “Home of a saint”

  Do we have to travel 5 miles to find one?  I do realize the sign was for a recognized canonized saint, but I was thinking about the everyday folks who follow Jesus –  hospitable, generous, forgiving, and do the right thing.  The ones who bring the casseroles when someone is sick, or will drop what they’re doing because a neighbor needs help.  Please, Lord – that there would be these people in every neighborhood.

Sorry that there are no photos, but really, I was driving 🙂

What signs along the way have prompted fresh insights for you?

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5 Responses to 3 signs along the way

  1. Steve Morgan says:

    Loved the post. I too have so many road signs and restaurant sign in my mind, of which I wish I had pictures. Some remind me of friends; some spark ideas for blogs; others just create random associations in my never stopping, ENFP brain! I feel your pain about not having the pictures, but way to keep your eyes on the road! Glad you are safely back home.

  2. I’m with Steve — loved the post! Our minds do amazing thing when we are driving!

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