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the power of the mundane

mundane: 1. lacking interest or excitement, dull.  2. pertaining to the things of this world, as opposed to things of the heavenly world. Ordinary tasks fall into this category – mundane.  Google says synonyms include humdrum, dull, boring, tedious, monotonous, … Continue reading

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be a giver, not a taker

“If you are not feeding your soul on the presence, promises, & provisions of Christ, you will ask people & things to be the messiah they cannot be.”  David Paul Tripp, Dangerous Calling. Thought-provoking quote, isn’t it?  Our hearts detest … Continue reading

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make space for new things!

The New Year creates some good opportunities for personal reflection and evaluation. Just like de-cluttering your space, every now and then you have to take a good look at your life and ask yourself how things are working for you.  … Continue reading

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