remembering a great one

I was mentally pinching myself.  Seated around the dinner table were my team-mates and Howard and Jeanne Hendricks. He had been a conference speaker for our organization many times.  He was notoriously funny and to the point.  The consummate teacher, he could turn a phrase into a long term memory.

What an amazing evening!  As we feasted on barbecue, they shared many of their stories and their wisdom. We laughed; we cried. We asked questions- tons of questions.  They were so gracious to invest the time with us.

What impressed me the most was Dr. Hendricks’ deliberate invitation to draw  Jeanne into the conversation.  One of us would ask him a question, and he would look across the table at Jeanne and say, “Jeanne can tell you more about that than I can.”  While he could have regaled us with many stories of his own, he chose to make it about them, not just about him. And she did the same as the evening went on. They were a team, and it showed!

One thing they shared with us was an intentional practice of regular communication and evaluation.  They made this kind of time for each other:  15 minutes a day, an hour (maybe an evening?) a week, a day a month, a weekend a quarter, and a week a year.  I might have those wrong, but that’s kind of how I remember it. Just the two of them looking at how they were doing and how to make life better, more intentional. They were committed to one another and their growth as followers of Jesus.

As I think back on that evening, I realize that I witnessed the fruit of that practice that evening.  The love, respect, and deference shown to each other, the easy humor, the down to earth hospitality- it all worked because they worked.  They tell their own story of communication, commitment, and conflict resolution in this six minute video clip.

Thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Hendricks, for loving each other well.  Of all the things I remember about Dr. Hendricks, that is my most precious takeaway…

He lived what he taught.

You can see their full story at Day of Discovery.  It is worth watching

Any other memorable Dr. Hendricks moments?  Who has served as a model to you, and in what ways?

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12 Responses to remembering a great one

  1. terry morgan says:

    Wow, love this! I so admired much of Howard Hendricks’ life and teaching. I didn’t get to experience this aspect of his life, but it does not surprise me. Thanks so much for sharing such a sweet and powerful memory!

  2. Dianne Ogle says:

    As Carolyn Custis James teaches: this would is an incredible example of the ‘Blessed Alliance’!

  3. I agree, Dianne. they are a beautiful & powerful combination

  4. Debra Petersen says:

    Loved your story Andrea. My last memory of the Henrick’s together was the last class I took from Howard Hendricks. I think it was called “50 years of Leadership” and Jeanne came the last day when they did a Q & A. I only remember that she said, “life gets harder as you get older so that you can continue to grow in the Lord.” Have never forgotten that. 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing this memory Andrea. His stories about their marriage, their home, and ministry as a couple have left as powerful an impression as any of his powerful Biblical teachings–which should not be surprising since, as you say, he lived what he taught. I love his marks on my life.

  6. Barb Palmiter says:

    Thank you for sharing this powerful experience you had with the Hendricks. Dr. Hendricks spoke often at Moody Bible Institute and I always loved it when he spoke – always learned so much from him. I was especially moved by his and his wife’s deep trust in the Lord in the midst of his very serious cancer diagnosis years ago. Loved the video clip you shared too.

  7. Steve Morgan says:

    Reblogged this on Leader Impact and commented:
    Andrea Buczynski shares a wonderful story of times with Howard and Jeanne Hendricks. I took a couple classes with him many years ago. Dr. Hendricks, endearingly known as “Prof” by the thousands of students whose lives he touched through his teaching and example, recently passed away. Andrea writes a wonderful tribute to him. Loving deeply requires working as a team in marriage: communicating, commitment and resolving conflict. Enjoy the post and be sure to watch the video: What Makes a Marriage Last?

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